Our experienced team can provide data, experience evaluations, messaging, and marketing to support your solutions.

Technical Marketing

Reaching audiences that are performance and capability sensitive requires a marketing strategy inclusive of data and validated experiences. Signal65 can utilize its years of experience working in and with industry leaders to build customized and impactful marketing including messaging, technical documentation, white papers, sales enablement, reviewer and influencer guidance, infographics and more. 

We also specialize in executive and product management evangelism through interactive web content, interviews, guest writing or event hosting opportunities.

Technical Marketing

Testing and Analysis

Hands-on Testing

Hands-on Testing from Experienced Infrastructure Engineers

Our team of data center and client device experts has over 100 years of combined experience working with engineering, product marketing, and executive leadership across a range of testing, validation, benchmarking, and experience measurement projects that give us the background necessary to create the best outcomes for our customers.

In-house Lab

In-house Lab Facilities for Server and Client

With dedicated lab space in Boulder, Chicago, and Cincinnati, we have the ability to setup, configure, and operate large scale data center infrastructures for the most accurate comparative testing possible and to enable broad consumer and IT infrastructure analysis.

Remote Testing

Remote Testing Solutions in your Lab

When evaluating pre-production hardware or devices and infrastructure that may be limited in physical availability, Signal65 can test your solutions remotely from your lab space. This could include remote access and video conference of physical setup and design.

Claims Validation

Evaluation and Rendered Opinions

Utilizing custom testing applications and processes or standard benchmark testing methodologies and results, we can create rendered opinions of performance and experiences in the form of lab reports, white papers, and various marketing collateral.

Signal65 Certified & Verified Program

The value of third-party validation for performance and experience gives credibility to new product launches, review cycles, and long-term marketing assets and opportunities. Signal65 stands behind our testing results and validation exercises so our partners have a trusted source for claims and messaging.

Product Experience & Usability Testing

Beyond just benchmarks and data sheets, understanding and measuring the experience and usability of a solution is a critical part of the value proposition. Our team has years of hands-on experience with data center infrastructure and client devices to help create competitive comparisons and usability research.