Our goal is your success in a noisy and complex technology market.

Our Mission

Signal65 exists to be a source of data in a world where technology markets and product landscapes create complex and distorted views of product truth. We strive to provide honest and comprehensive feedback and analysis for our clients in order for them to better understand their own competitive positioning and create optimal opportunities to market and message their devices and services.

Our ability to measure and evaluate the technical merits and user experiences of technologies across the spectrum of data center and client segments, combined with decades of experience translating data and product truth into actionable marketing and storytelling provides customers with a truly unique service.

Through the Noise: Introducing Signal65

Watch this brief video with Daniel Newman, Patrick Moorhead and Ryan Shrout discussing the launch of Signal65, a new company that will serve the technology industry with testing, performance validation, and data-based consulting.

Our Heritage and History

Signal65 may be new, but our history runs deep.

Signal65 was founded in 2023 by Ryan Shrout, Patrick Moorhead, and Daniel Newman, three industry analysts that saw a gap for technology companies looking to find reliable, third-party performance and lab validation services. This trio has 15+ years of experience running performance labs in the largest silicon companies in the world and also experience converting that data into marketing and storytelling.

The company also inherited the expertise of The Futurum Group Labs, previously Evaluator Group, that provided in-depth testing and analysis services for the data center and IT infrastructure segment for more than 15 years and built a reputation for customer excellence and depth of knowledge.

Signal65 combines that team with a group experienced in client/consumer products and testing for more than 20 years to create a complete end-to-end technology and testing organization.

Meet the Team

Ryan Shrout

President and GM

After more than 18 years of managing a top-tier technical review outlet, and 5 years inside Intel as Chief Performance Strategist of its competitive analysis group and senior director of marketing for the graphics and AI division, Ryan leads Signal65 to provide validation solutions for the technology market.

Daniel Newman

Co-Founder | CEO, The Futurum Group

A co-founder of Signal65, Daniel is also CEO of The Futurum Group. He will serve on Signal65’s Board of Directors and will be an active strategic advisor for the company.

Patrick Moorhead

Co-Founder | CEO, Moor Insights & Strategy

A co-founder of Signal65, Patrick is also Founder, CEO, and Chief Analyst of Moor Insights & Strategy. As a member of Signal65’s Board of Directors, he will utilize his 35 years of product management, product marketing, and strategy experience to advise the company.

Russ Fellows

VP, Labs

A veteran technologist, with a combination of technical, marketing and analytic skills, from over 30 years working in engineering, IT management, marketing strategy and as an industry analyst. An experienced leader, manager and subject matter expert in multiple domains, Russ works with practitioners across technologies and industries.

Brian Martin

AI and Data Center Lead

After three decades leading innovation in distributed system design and performance across all aspects of IT in companies large and small, Brian leads Signal65 AI and Datacenter Performance.

Jonathan Fellows

Performance Validation Engineer

Jon brings over 6 years of experience to Signal65 working with a variety of benchmarking tools on enterprise platforms. Jon has tested a variety of systems from on-premises storage to public cloud compute.

Mitch Lewis

Performance Analyst​

With an extensive background in computer science and data science, Mitch brings deep technical knowledge of data storage, data management, and AI technologies. Before joining Signal65, Mitch served as an industry expert in information management with Evaluator Group and previously led cloud implementations during his time at Oracle.

Stephen Cargile

Competitive Analysis Engineer

Stephen has an extensive background in highly available large systems architecture and administration, storage systems and networking, and data protection solutions. He has built, managed and worked in several test labs focusing on competitive testing and analysis. 

Alastair Cooke

CTO Advisor

Alastair has a thirty year career of hands-on IT learning as a technical consultant and sharing his knowledge with other IT professionals as a trainer and analyst. Today Alastair is a CTO Advisor at the Futurum Group where he builds stories that help other understand complex IT topics.

Ken Addison

Client Performance Director

Ken spent 10 years producing performance evaluations of client and consumer products as a technical reviewer before joining Intel in 2019 as a performance and competitive analysis lead. Ken joined Signal65 in 2024 to oversee the client device testing group.