Coverage Areas

Our team has experience across data center, IT environments, client devices, and edge compute to help create and execute robust testing and marketing opportunities. 

Data Center and IT Infrastructure

Enterprise Technology

  • Operating environments: VMware, Kubernetes, Bare metal
  • AI, GenAI and emerging use cases
  • On-prem and cloud deployments: AWS, Azure, GC

IT Hardware

  • Servers, storage, networking, components
  • Competitive comparisons or generation over generation

Enterprise Software & Workloads

  • SQL and noSQL databases
  • Oracle, SQL Server, Cassandra, more.
  • Other enterprise applications or infrastructure 

Consumer Devices and Edge Client

Consumer Products

  • Laptops/Desktop
  • AI and emerging workloads
  • Productivity testing and upgrade value
  • Gaming performance
  • Content Creator / Prosumer
  • Full system analysis
  • Component analysis

Commercial Workstation

  • Upgrade cycle testing
  • Enterprise workloads and security
  • Engineering, architecture, and production performance
  • Manageability analysis and IT work streams

Workload Pathfinding

  • Segment definitions: AI PC, thin and powerful, integrated gaming
  • Audience analysis
  • Application customization
  • Virtual review programs

AI & Future of Compute

AI and machine learning workloads span the gamut from enterprise to cloud to smartphones to laptops and of course solutions and services. Signal65 has been embedding AI testing and analysis in our work consistently across all segments and has built a robust expertise in performance analysis, proof of concept creation, workload generation and customization, and complex competitive analysis.

As the landscape for AI compute continues to evolve and expand, Signal65 will be your partner to understand and evaluate how it impacts your products and the market.